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Screenwriter Ariel Driskell’s mental health short “Thin Like Me” on BET Her “The Couch”



Screenwriter Ariel Driskell’s mental health short premiered on season 3 of “The Couch” on BET Her TV. Titled “Thin Like Me”, it was produced by MegaMind Media and directed by Meagan Good. If you weren’t able to watch, “Thin Like Me,” on BET Her,  here’s the link to watch it today. It is not  the first mental health film Ariel wrote. She executive produced, “Angela’s Awakening” was about a woman battling depression after a devastating layoff.  Her first tv debut being about a woman battling an eating disorder. Mental health has always been important to Ariel and will continue to be a staple for her productions.

Blogs News

Bid For Love on BET + and BET Her


BET Networks aired its original movie “Bid For Love,” produced by Lawainna Patterson, London Williams, Shauna D. Balfour & Christina Cooper, on Thursday June 23.

The film stars lead actor Blue Kimble from Tyler Perry’s “Ruthless,” lead actress Dawn Halfkenny from “Saints & Sinners,” Adrian Lockett from Tyler Perry’s “The Oval,” Jermel Howard from 50 Cent’s “BMF,” Tami Roman, Nikki Dixon, Jayda Cheaves, Ptosha Storey, and Kwaylon Rogers. The film is directed by the talented Arthur Muhammad (known for “Carter High,” the movie).

After being injured and doing a bid in prison due to Memphis (Ruthless‘ Blue Kimble), her former drug trafficking boyfriend, Sasha (Saints & Sinners‘ Dawn Halfkenny) comes out into the arms of Malik (“The Oval‘s” Adrian Lockett). Malik spoils her with gifts and gets her a job at his real estate office.

However, Malik constantly uses his gifts and her past against her to keep her in his grasp. A love-struck Sasha falls head over heels for Malik who slowly attempts to alienate her from her friends and family and secretly plots against her.

Her therapist, Dr. Simone (The Ms. Pat Show‘s Tami Roman) and unexpected new friends open her eyes to her history of relationships and give her advice on how to deal with them and get her life back.